Career Industry Experience



o Centerstone Software. Real Estate & Construction management. Sold to Manhattan Software. Investor & Board Member 2001-2004
o Terascape Software, Storage management. Investor and Board Member. Sold to EMC. 1998-1999
o Carroll Cognitive Lab – Educational software that delivers individualized curriculum to language-based learning-disabled students based on proprietary cognitive science. CCL Board Advisor 2009-2017



o ICOMS, Inc. eCommerce financial transaction management. Investor and Board Member. Shut down after failed IPO. 1997-2002

Computer & Networking

o Network Engines. Highly scalable rack servers and switches. Public offering 2001 (NENG) Investor & Board Member. 1997 – 2000


o Valvcon, Inc. Manufacturer of electric valve actuators. VP of Sales, COO. Sold to Neles-Jamesbury 1991-1995
o Rapid Group, Inc. Rapid prototype manufacturer of both sheet metal & machined parts. Sold to ProtoLabs, Inc. Strategic Advisor & Coach 2011-2017
o Backer Loring Corporation. Manufacturer of sheet metal and machined parts. Shop foreman, finance director, Assistant GM. 1987-1991
o Lean Enterprise, Inc. LEAN implementation consultants. Assisted senior management of a large Pharmaceutical client implementing LEAN practice throughout manufacturing. Consultant 2013-2014


o Northeastern Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing. Advisory Board Member, 2015 – Present


o InnoPad Semiconductor, Inc. Wafer polishing pads. Sold to FNS. Investor & Board Member, 2006 – 2013
o Active Impulse Systems. Non-contact laser-based wafer inspection. Sold to Philips AG. Investor and Board Member 1997 – 1999

Medical Device

o AliMed, Inc. Manufacturer & Distributer of medical products. Advisory Board Member 2014-2018, CEO 2015-2017
o Surgical Sealants. Cross-linked collagen based surgical glue. Investor & Board Member 1999-2002