Gone Fishin’

Our business is often like the job of the fisherman. Preparation, careful targeting, focus, timing, and persistence are all required. When you get right down to it, it’s developing that passion, that sense of joy that makes the difference between drudgery and fun, just making progress and excelling.

On occasion we have been known to actually slip out and go fishing, or enjoy a small host of other outdoor activities. Not because working with companies is not our passion (it is!), but because sometimes you just have to get out..

This page is our Blog, a place to share ideas, commentary, war stories, passions and maybe even a lead. Occasionally we will post on one or maybe all.

Share your work and your passions!

Passion & Execution

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Business Development and growing a business rapidly can also be likened to the job, or passion, of a fisherman. It starts with a clear vision and a well developed understanding of the territory and your targets, whether customers or future partners. Once you know where you are going and what you want to catch, it’s all about preparation; attitude, careful targeting, focus, “listening” (what are they eating today), timing, presenting the offer and persistence. The fisherman who both has a real sense for the sport and takes...

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Innovation & LEAN / Agile Thinking

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Innovation & LEAN / Agile Thinking

Watching this wonderful video of a 1950 Formula 1 pit-stop and then a more current Formula 1 pit-stop made me think about the role of innovation and technology in LEAN and Agile thinking, and vise versa. In industry much of the experience of the integration of LEAN process and LEAN thinking is the search for basic inefficiency; streamlining, de-cluttering and that often looks at the beginning of the process like finding, correcting and streamlining the most obvious of things.  Even that takes time, it’s generating a new of level...

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Covid and the new Jurassic era?

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This summer has proven to be one of the best fishing seasons in recent memory here on the New England Coast. I recently had the opportunity to go “striper” fishing with a great sportsman who to my great fortune has been a longtime hunting and fishing partner. We found ourselves into an epic pod of huge striped Bass that had been in this location the past few days. I had the good fortune to hook up one of these monsters on my 9 wt. Rod. It took me over 25 min to land this 40″ fish, a record catch for me. Let’s hope that...

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In Industry, Is a Digital Strategy Relevant?

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I often hear people in traditional industrial and commercial markets talk about how their market’s distribution model has not changed much. The thinking often goes: we, our reps or our distributors sell direct to our professional customer, it’s a relationship sale, the distribution model is firmly entrenched, our customers are professionals – they don’t act like consumers on the web, we can’t afford to play with that – it mostly applies to consumer markets..etc..etc. In fact, many companies we see have...

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In search of competition

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I read Seth Godin’s recent post on competition with interest, as I do with most of his writings. Seth is an interesting and provocative thinker. What he evoked for me with this post was the competition that we are finding in the market for buying companies. Some market’s are getting just plain overpriced. So Seth’s short commentary read to me as a challenge: what are you doing in the face of competition? For us the answer is twofold (and I think we do have a few good answers). One, we look where competition is less. At...

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We’re Looking for a few good Lighthouse Keepers

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Times change and technologies evolve but finding and working with the right people has always been essential. This is short video about a few of the last British lighthouse keepers and it made me think about the never ending quest to find extraordinary people for whatever task or job you are trying to accomplish. . Pennant’s looking for a few good “lighthouses” and their “keepers”..  Behind The Light.

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New England Fly Fishing

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A great video blog on fly fishing along coastal waters of the Northeast:    

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