In Industry, Is a Digital Strategy Relevant?

I often hear people in traditional industrial and commercial markets talk about how their market’s distribution model has not changed much. The thinking often goes:

we, our reps or our distributors sell direct to our professional customer, it’s a relationship sale, the distribution model is firmly entrenched, our customers are professionals – they don’t act like consumers on the web, we can’t afford to play with that – it mostly applies to consumer markets..etc..etc.

In fact, many companies we see have little to no eCommerce or digital strategy and they have only a very minimal digital presence.

We’ve been involved with a number of companies where this thinking has been turned on its head and results have been nothing short of transformative.

So, after listening to Scott Galloway’s DLD presentation, “The Four Horsemen,” on the effects of a number of large company’s varying digital strategies, I found implications for almost any market or industry; particularly around sales and distribution strategy. I thought his research insights were quite thought provoking and suspect you will find implications for your market too.

What does it makes you think about in your market?