Innovation & Lean Thinking

I recently saw a video (linked below) showing a 1950 and a 2013 Formula One pit stop and it made me think about the relationship of innovation and the development of Lean processes. While not often talked about together in practice, they are inextricably connected. The best Lean process development drives and inspires innovation and vise versa. Yes there are many books and thinkers that often make the connection but in the field the work is often much more basic, mostly because the needs and low hanging fruit are so basic. However once a company has done a good job of using Lean process thinking to make initial improvements, instilling a culture of not only continuous improvement but also continuous Innovation is where the most impressive competitors can be found.  Watch what 50 years of process improvement and innovation has done to the Pit Stop. They are hard to separate.

Watch: 1930 vs 2013 Formula One Pit Stops